projects management

Project Execution Methodology

This is a brief outline of how ADMAC will execute a typical construction contract.ADMAC realizes the importance of time, quality and cost control in the execution of a project and therefore targets the following:

  • Optimum resource allocation (manpower and equipment)
  • Proper scheduling and follow-up
  • Proper cost control
  • Defined authority, responsibilities, direction
  • Good record keeping
  • Comprehensive work procedures
  • Good communications and co-ordination

ADMAC’s Quality Management System is based on ISO 9001:2000 role model, which ensures that adequate controls are established and implemented during the project’s lifetime to ensure that the final product complies fully with contract / client requirements.

As part of overall business management, ADMAC has in place procedures to cover all activities that relate to or
affect quality.

Contract Review

As soon as a contract is awarded, the contract terms and conditions are reviewed in detail concerning full scope, unclear issues, manpower and equipment resources and any constraints affecting the execution of the job.


The tentative schedule submitted during tender (as applicable) is reviewed and a full detailed construction schedule is submitted to the Client. Manpower and equipment resources planning are also completed.

Project Quality Plan

The contract quality requirements are fully incorporated into a Project Quality Plan, which contains the Inspection & Test Plan. The Inspection & Test Plan details the inspections to be carried out at critical stages, who is responsible, the acceptance criteria and the reference documents to be used during works and inspection. It also identifies who is responsible and whether the inspection activities are HOLD points requiring the Client to be present for the inspection and clearing of works.

The QC Check sheets completed at the end of all inspections serve as verifying records of successful compliance to the contract requirements.

The Project Quality Plan is submitted to the Client as required by the contract.

Key Personnel

Suitable qualified and experienced personnel are nominated to the project. Key personnel are made aware of their responsibilities and the contract requirements during the initial induction training at the start of the project.

Finance and Cash Flow

Detailed plans are made on Cash Flow / Invoicing methods and budgets are worked out for all major activities

Procurement & Control

Only approved materials are procured from acceptable suppliers and manufacturers. Materials procured are checked for acceptability and defective materials are not used in projects. Material Approvals, Order placement and deliveries are monitored and status is known at any given point of time.


Site clearance, general survey, obtaining permits, erection of site facilities etc. are done during this period with due approvals as required from Client and the various authorities.

Material Submittals, Shop Drawings & Method Statements

Material Technical Data Sheets, Shop drawings are submitted for client approval sufficiently in advance. Method Statements are submitted for all specialist activities whose absence would affect quality of work.

Subcontracting Strategy

Only specialist activities are subcontracted which will allow the client to have the maximum value from the specialist expertise of the nominated and approved subcontractor.

Document & Data Control

A co-ordination procedure is established based on contract requirements – on numbering of all documents e.g. drawings, procedures, submittals, letters faxes and minutes of meeting. A valid document register is released on a monthly basis, which reflects all current and valid documents in the system – including drawings and other submittals. Obsolete documents are withdrawn and a copy retained for reference for any future needs.

Progress monitoring / Co-ordination

Daily, Weekly reports are reviewed by senior management and necessary actions are taken to arrest any slips noticed. Regular Meetings are conducted with the Client and the Site Staff and problems if any are resolved.


All statutory and contract safety requirements are followed.

As Built Drawings

As built status is progressively recorded by site personnel and incorporated at the final stage to produce As Built Drawings.

Inspection and Testing

Inspections are carried out at defined stages as agreed in the Project Quality Plan and in accordance with the Inspection & Test Plan. Where Clients’ presence is necessary, the activities are not carries out further until the client is offered the opportunity to inspect and / waive the inspection. All inspection records are retained for incorporation in the Handover documentation. Approved laboratories carry out all third party inspections.

Internal Audits

Internal Quality Audits are conducted in accordance with the planned schedule for the project. Compliance to the planned system and implementation of the Project Specific Quality Plan is checked and reported to higher management. Management Reviews held bi-annually review results of such audits, which lead to further improvements in the Quality system.

Final Inspection and Handover

All punch list items / snags identified during final inspection are attended to, based on the nature of the item. Some of the snags may be completed during the maintenance period if agreed with the client.

Handover Dossier

The Handover dossier incorporates all inspection and test records, approvals, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Guarantee and Warranty certificates and the As Built Drawings for the works.